Thursday, June 30, 2011

You’ve Got To Start Somewhere

This is something I tell my children all the time.  When they get frustrated or down on themselves because they can’t do something right, my usual response is “You’ve got to start somewhere.”  The start of my journey into the sea of testosterone started before I even knew I was on it.  I met my husband as a teenager, it was one of those “that only happens in the movies” meetings.  After having a major crush on him for a short time and having only a few dates, we ended up being best friends for 8 years.  Then that friendship grew, we started dating, got engaged and then of course married.  A year and half later, our first son was born, almost three years after that our second son was born, and 4 years and one month later our third son was born. 

Have you ever been on one of those extremely fast waterslides that sends you twisting and turning through tunnels and down steep hills while your only thought is the hope of being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to please OH PLEASE let my swimsuit be where it should and let me end up feet first instead of sideways, head first, or God forbid some other body party first, before you SPLASH down into the pool at the bottom?  That was my entrance into the sea of testosterone that is now my life.  I’m outnumbered to be sure.  Four to one to be exact (yes, I am including my husband in that ratio).  I didn’t know what to expect with raising three boys.  Heck, even now that I’ve had eight years experience, I STILL don’t know what to expect from day to day. Everyday, I wake up and wait to feel myself slipping and sliding down into the sea of testosterone.  It is a mixture of emotions.  There is excitement just to see what new adventures the day will bring.  Shear joy and happiness at the fun we will be having making memories together.  And then there is the feeling of the need to survive!!  The need to survive the massive amounts of testosterone that constantly ebbs and flows throughout the house during the day.  Surviving the fights over who’s first, and fights over the ever abundant planes, trains, and automobiles that have taken over my home.  The sports, wrestling, and the ever important superhero roll playing.  The diaper changes, the teething, the sleep deprivation. SURVIVAL is a key component when you are a mother.  But it is as essential as oxygen when you are the only woman in the house!!  Trying to make sure that you keep your femininity is tricky when the only girly things left in your home reside in your bathroom and are only used once a week during a months time.   

I figured that blogging would be a great way to capture all that happens on this journey of raising three boys while being the only girl in the house trying to stay just that, a GIRL.  Hopefully you will enjoy reading through my adventures and can maybe even relate to some of them.  It is no doubt a work in process, but what in life isn’t?

So my “starting somewhere” is at the mouth of an extremely fast waterslide that changes hourly.  It is full of adventures, excitement, stress, happiness, and love.  Hopefully I will come out of it feet first and with my swimsuit where it should be.