About Me

Me?  I’m nobody special really.  I’m not any different than any other mother out there trying to do her best to raise her children without messing them up so badly that they require therapy on a weekly basis as adults.  I am a happily married, extremely outnumbered stay at home mom to three gorgeous, outgoing, and lively (read that as sometimes obnoxious) boys.  Our oldest is eight; his bloggie name is “Big T”.  Our second son is five; bloggie name is “Sweet Pea” and the baby who just turned one; bloggie name “Buggy!” I enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, or two or three depending on the day.  My only female ally in this house walks on four legs and uses the backyard as her toilet.

So that’s why I’m here.  That’s why I’m blogging.  To find more allies, and to stockpile some Estrogen for a rainy day when it may be needed.  To be a sounding board for other moms, to put out there that you aren’t crazy and neither am I.  To share my adventures and survival tips, to learn from others, and to just stay afloat in this swirling sea of testosterone one breathe at a time. 

Feel free to contact me at mshook2@msn.com