Friday, July 8, 2011


I’ve never have been the most girly person you’ve ever met.  Sure I use to wear dresses or skirts when I was going someplace nice or if I just wanted to spruce things up a bit or if I was in a particularly flirty, happy mood.  But I’ve never been one to get all dolled up every single day…just because.  If I wasn’t considered girly before having three boys, I’m certainly not considered girly now.  Because let’s face it.  Wearing your little black dress to a soccer game, baseball game, preschool field trip, elementary field trip, grocery store, or <insert errand of your choice here> would be considered just a little bit much (yeah, just a little). 

It starts when they are babies and everything you put on is because of function rather than fashion.  You wouldn’t want to put anything nice or delicate on anyway with all the spit ups and diaper changes, and sneezed out food.  Then just as you have one child moving out of that phase, you are blessed with a brand new baby and the cycle starts all over again and then again in my case.

So here I am, I’ve got three stages of boyhood growing up in my house. Every day is an adventure and if I have a day without some sort of adventure I’m left wondering what to do with myself.  Most of my time is spent in our trusty van running from school drop offs, to school field trips, to sporting events, play dates, back home to try and get the baby to eat and take a nap before we have to be off and running again.  Then there are the times where I play construction worker, pirate, damsel in distress (okay, that might be one time where if I REALLY wanted to play it up I could put on something fancy), or the villain.  So just having the opportunity to put something on that is different from a pair of jeans and a t-shirt are few and far between.  Not to mention having the time to even contemplate what to wear instead of just grabbing something that is clean. 

I do give looking decent my best shot however, and I am usually able to fit in a shower, quickly throw on some concealer to cover up the blemishes caused by stress and the dark circles under the eyes caused by lack of sleep, a little bit of mascara, and a dab of lip gloss which quickly gets rubbed off from all the kissing on the chubba bubba of my sweet Buggy.  All of which I’ve been able to do in about 10 minutes flat if I have to.  And more often than not, my “outfit” isn’t horrendous, it doesn’t clash or look like I just stepped out of the 80’s (although I see some of those styles coming back…YOWZA) but it isn’t something you’d see in the Macy’s or Nordstrom catalogs.  It’s more something you would find on one of the many mom makeover shows that are on TV these days, you know…the before picture.   

But I have to say, I look forward to the day when I can have the time to go shopping at the mall for clothes for myself and get educated in fashion again.  To have a sense of what looks good on me and what doesn’t.  Or when the invitation to an occasion that requires getting all dolled up does not create a swell of panic and the appearance that a tornado has swept through my closet!  You know the feeling don’t you?  The “what the heck do I have to wear that doesn’t have some resemblance of food that was lovingly placed there by a child’s mouth/hands that won’t come out even after using every laundry gadget and gizmo available on the market?”  Or the “oh crap!  Do I have time to go find something at the mall to wear that will work, and will I ever wear it again before it goes out of style?”

Just to be able to walk into my closet, find something that is not stained, that is in style, and is flattering.  That isn’t a pipe dream is it??  Because when that day comes watch out!  I’m going to be all kinds of fancy-shmancy and I’m going to love it!


joni hardwick said...

the Japanese moms at AIS are so fashionable, it is amazing! high, high heels expensive clothes, matching hand bags, big hats! i mainly still wear my usual jeans and a comfy top. But i am starting to enjoy going shopping for fun, fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories. Watch out! Fancy-shmancy here i come!

Minivan Mama said...

I don't know how many times I look in my closet desperate to find something somewhat fashionable to wear only to end up looking like the "before picture" you speak about!

Love the title of your blog!

Hopes said...

Minivan Mama!

I'm telling you, it's basically impossible to find something that is the least bit fashionable in my closet these days! Ahhh someday...someday that will be different.

I'm glad you like the title of the blog. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm brand spanking new to this world of blogging and I'm certain I have a ton to learn! At least I have a decent start with a good title!! :o) I'm having a blast with it though!

The Woven Moments said...

Some of these retail stores have finally learned - it doesn't really matter how great your clothes are. It matters how helpful your staff is.

I went into one store recently and got a raised eyebrow and a "tsk tsk" attitude. I walked out.

I went into the store NEXT DOOR and a young woman worked with me for 40 minutes until I found 3 or 4 pieces that worked together, creating a whole refresher to my fall wardrobe.

I spent lots of money in that store and I will be back... but only when that woman is working. She was awesome!

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

Boca is very fashion oriented - you should see people at the Mall - oh boy ... usually you are more taken by their botox and their bling ;)

Thanks for hooking up to Time Travel Tuesday this week. I really love reading everyone's old posts, some I have read before and some I am glad have been pointed my way!
ps. Wordy Wordless Wednesday link up tonight - so busy ;)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from Time Travel Tuesday. I try to get dressed up for church on Sunday. When I do a good job, my three year old say I look like a princess.

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

I know how you feel. Before I had kids and moved to the burbs I worked at a fashion magazine! Now I spend my days in yoga pants. :)

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


Oh Customer Service is absolutely KEY to a good experience!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...

By Word of Mouth,

OH MAN! I so wouldn't fit in in Boca! YIKES!!

Thank YOU for creating Time Travel Tuesday! I love this linky and love reading all the posts!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...

JDaniel4's Mom,

On the rare occasion I get dressed up, my boys always make a comment. I love it!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


Thank you so muc hfor stopping by! How things change after becoming a mother right?