Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saved By A Date

I’m talking just in the nick of time saved.  Let me explain.

My wonderful husband and I had our much awaited and anticipated overnight…yes overnight date night last night. 

This has been a date night that has been in the works since last May.  My sweet husband bought us tickets to go see Jamie Foxx at an area casino/hotel for my birthday.  If I wasn’t excited enough over those awesome tickets, he also got us a room at the hotel/casino that he was performing at, and arranged for my fabulous mother to come and watch the kids at our house overnight.  Someone please pass him the “Husband of The Year” award!! 

Last night couldn’t have come at a better time.  Yesterday was one of those extremely tough mommy days.  A day where my older two boys were testing limits and boundaries left and right with me all while fighting over every…single…thing with each other.  I tried taking them to the store quickly to find a pair of rockin’ shoes to wear on my date night (I know, I know…what was I thinking?) and ended up leaving in utter embarrassment due to my older two running around the shoe aisle like they were running at a track meet, then going to the sleepwear section and giggling at the lace and leopard prints.  *sigh*  The baby was screaming the whole time because his brothers were constantly going in and out of his view.  Needless to say, I drove home empty handed with my patience tank completely depleted.  The icing on the cake was that Buggy decided that yesterday was “not taking a nap to save my life” day.

Somehow I was able to quickly pack our overnight bag, and by the time my savior (aka Mom) came to watch the boys, I was walking down the stairs in tears.  She quickly shoved us out the door telling us that everything would be just fine and to have a good time.

Let the date begin.

I have to admit, the drive to the hotel/casino was filled with talk about the children because I needed to purge and vent.  But I’m proud to say that once we checked into the hotel and got cleaned up, there wasn’t even a whisper about the boys. 

**By the way, this post is void of pictures because the date night took place in a hotel/casino so pictures are a ‘no-no’…BUMMER**

We had a lovely dinner for two at one of the casino’s fabulous restaurant.  We talked about how excited we were to see Jamie Foxx, and debated on if his set would be more club style music, R&B, or a mixture of both.  We both agreed that we would love it if he would throw some of his fabulous comedy into the mix.  I seriously didn’t know what to do with myself, we were having an adult conversation that didn’t revolve around the kids, house, bills, work etc. 

Jamie Foxx rocked it.  I mean he ROCKED it!  He did a bit of everything which was just what we were hoping for.  In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to see that we in fact weren’t the oldest couple attending the concert, and that I actually picked out an outfit that was fitting for the occasion, which rarely happens.  Actually, it never happens. Could this night get any better?

It could and it did!  After the concern we thought we would through caution to the wind and play a little bit at the casino.  We had the best time high fiving and cheering each other on when the lights on the machine were blinking and music was playing.  We talked about how lucky we were in so many aspects of our lives.  How we are so fortunate to have such a close family that has people in it willing to watch our children so we could do this *thanks again Nana*, how we have such wonderful friends, a wonderful bond with our children…yes they crept into the conversation again, but just briefly.  

The evening ended with us walking hand in hand to our room for a great nights sleep in a lovely hotel room with one of the most comfortable beds I’ve been in in a long time!  Could that be because there is the absence of a baby monitor humming in my ear?  Complete bliss AHHHH!!!!

I woke up this morning to my husband bringing me coffee (I’m thinking he wants to hold onto the Husband of The Year Award), feeling refreshed and ready to enter back into motherhood. 

I hope to have another night out with my hubby real soon.  It does wonders for my mood, my soul and my sanity!! 


Making It Work Mom said...

We have only done this once, on our 10th anniversary. We also spent time at a casino, which is kind of funny. I am a complete Top Chef junkie and Tom Collichio had just opened one of his restaurants at the casino and I was dying to try it!

We also had a great night and it was so odd to not be returning home to our children!

Unfortunately we have not done it since.

I am so happy you had a great time and got the rest and rejuvination you needed!

Hopes said...

Sounds like you had a great 10 year anniversary! After staying at the hotel/casino the weekend I figured out why it suites a date night, or an overnight perfectly. There are NO CHILDREN! No children to look at and think to yourself, "he looks exactly like___" or "OHHHH our kids would have so much fun together doing that."

Nope, it's all 21 and older! Which some can argue is still a child! But at least they don't make me think about my children! LOL!!

Shell said...

I love date night away! Sounds like a blast!

Hopes said...

Shell, I'm so honored that you stopped by! I adore your blog!

Yes, date nights rock! I always walk away from them feeling human again! I can't wait until the next one!

Jessica Gardner said...

Such a cool night!!! I'm so glad it happened right when you needed it - it was fun reading. I too only have boys in my household!!! They are "full of energy" that's for sure!!!!

Hopes said...


I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, date night came at just the nick of time! It sure is nice that it doesn't take much to re-charge the batteries.

A house full of boys is a daily adventure isn't it?

Kate F. said...

Isn't it funny how our own saving grace it still our very own Mom (this time as your babysitter)??? LOL! Sounds like you had a fabulous night. A good overnight date is good for the soul every once in a while! So glad you enjoyed!

Hopes said...

Kate! I know! My mom is absolutely wonderful and always so willing to help! I am truly blessed!! I only hope to be as great of a mom to my children as she is to me and my brother!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!! :)

Tina @ Life Without Pink said...

Awe we all need this and I am so glad you got a date night...especially an over night one, awesome! Thanks for linking up to #projectmarriage!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like a wonderful night out. It is so priceless. I hope you have the opportunity to do it again soon. :)

Hopes said...


Thank you so very much for stopping by and commenting. I truly appreciate it!

I feel very blessed to have been able to spend that time with my hubby.

Hopes said...

Optimistic Mom,

It really is priceless isn't it? That one on one time together to reconnect, check in with eachother, it's just so important!

Anonymous said...

an overnight date?! Shut the front door! That's fantastic. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Hopes said...


Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I couldn't believe that my husband planned it all, and for it to be an overnight date! I was in awe! We had a great time!!