Thursday, July 14, 2011


One of the best parts of being a mom for me is watching the boys learn and navigate language.  Those little words that they try so hard to form, but come out in some other cute variation from the actual word itself make me grin from ear to ear, and some actually make me blush. 

There are the usual words that young children say differently as they are learning language.  I’m certain most little ones have their own version of Spaghetti.  In our house it was Pasghetti courtesy of Big T, or Spa-deddi provided by Sweet Pea.  Don’t forget the word Banana.  We had just plain Ba-na from Big T and BOO-nana from Sweet Pea.

Then you get into the really creative and interesting.  My favorite word that Big T (who is now eight) used to say and that stayed around for a very long time was the word “Blopes.”  Any guesses as to what he was referring to?  It wasn’t for “ski slopes” or “soaps” or “ropes”.  Nope, that was his ever original word for “Grapes.”  It was so cute and unique that we rarely corrected him.  It’s not like he would be going to first grade walking around saying “blopes” so we let it slide and soaked up all the cuteness of it until it was eventually gone but it’s never been forgotten. 

Sweet Pea’s claim to fame was the way he called his brother “Tie-way” to which his brother would always answer and never correct him.  But he was the only one with that kind of right-of-way.  That is closely followed by “Me-mote” for “remote”.  What is it about guys and remotes anyway?  Is my sweet 5 year old already trying to lay claims to what he feels is his territory?  Finally, and most recently we heard him say “NOOOO-Kay” in answer to a question he thought he would say “no” too but decided to say okay mid word.

Buggy is too young to have any personalized words just yet, but he can babble with best of them and you can tell he has a ton to say and I simply cannot wait to see what he has in store for us.

Now onto the word that made me blush.  And wouldn’t you know it, it decided to make its grand entrance in one of those crowded inflatable jump places for a birthday party where they were serving pizza for the meal.  My sweet Big T said extremely loudly in his polite, ‘I better use my best manners because I want cake’ voice.  “May I have some more PECKER-roni pizza PLLLEEEZZZZZZ.”  Yes, yes you may my sweet as long as you don’t continually shout that out in public and make the other parents think we are teaching you some sort of slang at the tender age of 3.

Out of the mouth of babes!  I cherish, laugh, and love each an every one of these uniquely-formed words.  

Please share what wonderful, unique, and fabulous words your children have created and take a walk down memory lane.  Nooo-kay!


joni hardwick said...

i remember "Na ni" for my name, "dubba boo" for W, "fling shot" for sling shot and "reg lee ur lee" for regularly...... oh they sounded so sweet. also my niece when she was two screamed out "F&%K, F&%K! for fox in a restaurant! lol! keep them coming! always gives me a smile and a laugh!

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos said...

Ah so true! My son when he was a lot younger used to call himself "muddah" -- which could not be further from what his name actually is. My youngest now has some cute things she says "wah-wah-why" is water ... :)

Hopes said...

Devan, those are adorable!! And thank you for stopping by, reading the post, and commenting! :o)

I remember another one that Big T use to say. It was "ruck" for "truck" and I'm so thankful it wasn't anything worse than that! HA! Adding an "F" would have definitely make it fit into the embarassment catagory!

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Hahahaha 'pecker', good one!

My toddler at 18.5 months says no in two languages - a sign of things to come? He also says 'baby', 'goal', 'car' very well. The rest of his blabber? Your guess is as good as mine. :)

Missy@Wonder, Friend said...

We, for about three months, had to avoid going anywhere near clocks in public. My youngest pronounced Clock without the "l" and Tick-Tock with "d's" instead of "t's".

On the clock aisle in Target? Lord help me. Just say this out loud, with the above pronunciations:

"Clocks! Clocks! Tick-tock, tick-tock clocks!"

Hopes said...

Oh Missy! I can only imagine! Definitely put that down in a book somewhere to show your youngest when he/she is older. HA!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!

Hopes said...


You can bet your bottom dollar that "Pecker-roni" will be going into the book of Big T that will be shown to his's a mommy's right afterall.

Why is it that boys (and I'm sure girls as well, but I have no experience with the other side) always learn "no" so quickly, no matter what language.

As for the babble...I say, take it, run with it, interpret it as you wish. Because if he is anything like my boys, you will know exactly what he's saying without question before you know it, and then mystery of it all is gone.

Thanks so much for coming by, reading, and commenting!