Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Sweetness ~ The Wonderful Man In My Life

This weeks Sunday Sweetness without a doubt goes to my husband. 

Here’s the skinny.

We bought a timeshare at our favorite place in Cabo San Lucas.  With that purchase we received a few bonus weeks one of which expired this year.

Since we went to Maui for our 10 year Anniversary in May of this year, and my mom watched all three of my boys, with all three of their schedules we didn’t want to ask her to watch them again, which I know she would have agreed to do, despite the bowing down to me when I got home from Maui (which I’m convinced she did just to make me feel like a better mom). 

So we were left wondering what to do with that extra week. 

My husband suggested that I should take my mom for a week down to Cabo. 

That’s right!  It was HIS idea for me to go away, without him or the kids and just with my mom.  Partially as a “Thank You” for all the free babysitting she’s done in the last 8 years.  But MOSTLY for my mom and I to have time together!

Back off people, he’s MINE! 

And you know what?  He’s excited to have this time with the boys.  Excited to see the things he misses on a day to day basis.  Excited to hear the stories, and share in the excitement of things when they happen instead of hours later.

HE, gets to be the parent our boys run to if they are hurt, or sad, or have a fantastic story to tell about their day at school.  HE gets to do all the things I’ve title as mundane and repetitive because I do them every single day.  But he sees it as something new.

Did I leave a list a mile long about all things I do on a daily basis and the running schedule I have in my head?  You can bet your bottom dollar I did.  #ControlFreak!


Do I feel he can handle it?  Absolutely!  I even think he will do a better job than I do on any given day (because who can’t rise to the occasion for a week?). 

But after all is said and done.  He gave me a gift.

Sure we bought the timeshare together.  We live under the whole “what’s his is mine and what’s mine is negotiable mentality” (not really, but I FRIGGIN LOVE that saying).  But he spoke up.  HE said that I should do this.  HE had to talk me into it. 

And for that?  The man surely deserves a trophy right?

Okay, that may be going a bit too far. 

But at the very least he deserves a Sunday Sweetness post expressing my deepest gratitude for his genius idea that puts me sitting here sipping a margarita under a palapa with my mom!

So thank you my love!  You are AMAZING!!

What selfless thing has your significant other done for you??


Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Yes, he is totally a keeper!!

My husband does sweet things for me daily. Just small things, but I know I'll miss them if he stopped! (Y'know, like making that ice cream run)

Julie said...

He sounds like an amazing partner; but you are equally awesome for recognizing and appreciating his goodness.

Lucky couple.

Ten years and counting...