Monday, October 10, 2011

It’s a Monday Mess-Fest!

So here I am facing Monday again, and just like every single friggin Monday before this one (and lets face it, all that follow) I find myself frazzled and crazy. 

So instead of trying to organize my thoughts into a coherent message….I’m just going to start spilling my thoughts.  You know the ones that come from the bottomless pit of crazy…yeah those.  So hang on!

These thoughts are brought to you by Hopes’ crazy life and are announced in no particular order. 

~ When it comes to fashion I define myself without hesitation as a Fashion-NOT-sta.    But I went to the mall today and realized, it must be a geographical thing because I saw several Fashion-NOT-sta’s walking around. 

First point of crazy…I went to the MALL on the WEEKEND!!!! 

Second point of crazy…is people watching in order to try and get a feel for what’s considered “in” for fashion.  Totally stupid move on my part!

~ I find it hilarious that the people that have the most dings and dents in the back ends of their cars are the ones that have the automatic sensors on their bumpers.  You know the ones that BEEP when you get too close to another car?  Yeah, I would venture to say that most of the ones I’ve seen lately with those fancy-shmancy sensors have scratches, dents, or full blown holes in their trunks/hood/bummers or taillights.  People!  You might want to ask for you money back because that *perk* isn’t working for you!  

~ I seriously wonder what the organizers are thinking when they plan a soccer game on a weekend before 9am.  People, these little ones can’t drive themselves and if you want the players there on time, you have to make sure to start the games at a reasonable time so that the parents can have at LEAST a cup or two of coffee before heading out. 

~ I hate being the enforcer of the rules!  It seriously sucks sometimes.  Over the weekend Big T broke a house rule (a BIG one) and therefore couldn’t watch a movie that we JUST bought and everyone was excited to watch.  But because he broke this rule I had to listen to him blubber, sob and carry on for a good hour or more.  Translation?  It was absolute torture for this mommy.  So the question is…is the consequence worse for the child or the mommy?  I’m sure you know my answer!

~ I’ve realized once again that if given the opportunity and the “go ahead” my children will discover and explore every nook and cranny that their bodies simply should not be in.  Why, oh why can’t they just stay on their feet?

And finally,

~ When a child who is under say…10 years of age orders a glass of juice at a fancy restaurant, all by himself while using his best manners, you would THINK that the server would notice the age/size of the child and give them a smaller glass in which to hold the sweet goodness instead of one that would rival the size of all things in Costco.  Seriously, these glasses were as big as my kids’ heads!  Hello?!?!?!?

What random thoughts are going on in your head this Monday?


Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Haha, funny crazy thoughts you got there Hopes! Fashion-not-sta, can I borrow that?

Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year said...

So, my new big ass SUV has those sensors and you know why people have dings with them? Because they beep at everything. You can be a football field away from something and its starts beeping. So you start thinking that you don't need to listen to the beeping. And then you run into your neighbors mailbox. Or something. I'm guessing here.

April said...

I always have random thoughts running around in my head. I think it's a "mom" thing since most of the time I can't stop the wheels turning even to get to sleep at a decent time. Right now, I'm wondering when, IF, my almost 18mth old will ever sleep thru the night, and why I even wonder that when I feel guilty for it b/c I know that he's growing too fast anyway.

Ummm...I don't think that made sense. :/

Love your random thoughts. :)

Bridget said...

Fashion-notsta? I love it! Also, soccer games before 9 AM suck. We've had them at 8 AM too. Seriously, I think the planners are out to get me.

Elaine A. said...

Loving your "Fashion-NOT-sta" term, too funny!!!

And I am SO with you on the early soccer game thing. We had one at 9 on Saturday and barely made it!

Kir said...

I love coming over here and realizing I am not alone in the world of little boys and their incresingly disgusting habits!!!

Plus in answer to your question, it's def worse on the mommy...esp if she wants to watch that movie!!!!! The blubbering is enough for me to want to hide a crushed xanax in their white milk ;)

Christine Siracusa said...

Too funny. I used to work in a Mall during high school. Not exactly a mecca for fashion, I'd say. Unless you count Ugg boots and pajama pants as haute couture!! Bet you were the best dressed person there.

Bees With Honey said...

I'm sure you ARE a fashionista! Everyone is in thier own way. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person sista. Sure hope you can make it down for the Bloggy Tweet Up!

Jessica said...

Soccer games before 9am? I would quit. I don't do well early in the morning.

Emily said...

I love your random crazy! But soccer before 9am? Yikes, don't even tell me...