Friday, October 21, 2011

Under Construction

Now before you get all excited, I have to tell you that this post isn’t what you think its about.

I’m not redesigning or moving my blog (yet) so my itty bitty space in the blogosphere is not what is under construction.  (Oh how I WISH it was that)

Nope, it’s my actual house that is under construction.  It wasn’t planned, or expected and it has thrown us for a tailspin.

We are currently living in a construction zone.  Sections of carpet are ripped up.  Moldings are off the floors and around the door frames, our walls have been scored with a razor blade marking where they will demolish our walls today.  The hardwood floors?  Say bye bye!  They are being ripped up tomorrow as well.

So what caused all of this to happen if we weren’t planning a remodel?  Why the construction zone?

One word.


Roots grew into our sewer pipe which caused a backup into our house.  Which means my friends I had sewage coming up and into my house/floors/walls etc. on our first floor.

Yeah….let me say it for you!


I’ll admit it.  I’m not coping well…AT ALL!

We (well not WE, the water damage company that our insurance company sent out) are just in the process of demolishing and cleaning it all up and it is a MESS!!  Two rooms will need brand new carpet, about 10 walls are going to be cut out, and they are guessing half of our hardwood floors are going to be ripped up.  Not to mention some cabinets.  HOLY CRAP!

We are most likely going to have to leave the house for a few days (read as 5 friggin days) so that they can dry out the subflooring.  I simply can’t tell you how the thought of all of us in a hotel room for 5 days while trying to work out the logistics of my husband getting up at 4am to go to work (without waking the babies) and getting the kids to school on time when Big T normally take the bus since he starts school so friggin early scares me to DEATH!!  

I do believe we have hit nightmare status. 

So I’m writing this to ask that you hang in there with me.  I might not be able to post next week.  But once we are back in our home and settled again I’m certain I will have stories upon stories to share with you about this whole ordeal!! 

Have you ever had a nightmare situation as a homeowner?  How did you handle it?


Andrea said...

Good luck that everything goes as planned and they don't run into any snags along the way.

I know this part is a pain, but a similar thing happened to my MIL (except it was just water, not, you know) and she ended up getting a whole new basement with new flooring and walls. She was quite happy when it was all over and now likes her basement more than before! So maybe there's a bright side?

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Urgh, that IS a nightmare. I hate when we have to do something with the house, it's just inconvenient, messy and plain annoying.

I do hope your time away won't be too stressful - at least you go home to some new walls and floors, right?

Hang on in there!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this!! Most of our nightmares have occurred while we were renting and it was just as painful as buying.
I hope things resolve quickly. xo

Jennifer said...

That is a nightmare. Good luck! The good thing is everything will be nice and new when you go back.

Kir said...

Oh my sweet friend. NO!!!!! Oh no! If you lived close I'd tell u to come over! How horrific! Is there anything I can do???? Of course I'm here...but anything else???

Send hugs, chocolate, booze...all 3!!!!?????

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


That's what I try to keep telling myself. It will all be put back as new, all be back as new! It will look like it never happened. It's just going to take a LONG TIME!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


I wish all the work will be done by then but this is just the clean up part! So when we get home the house will still be ripped up, but at least there won't be any traces of sewage ANYWHERE, that's my silver lining right now!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...

Optimistic Mom,

Thank you. I hope there aren't a lot of snafus along the way. But I'm preparing for having to be VERY patient. Not my strong suit I'll admit!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


I wish that all the repair work would be done, but we are just in the first phase of this which is the clean up! The constuction probably won't start for several more weeks.

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


You are so very sweet! Thank you thank you thank you! Just listen to me complain is enough. I'm normally not the down or negative but this is a huge blow! I will come out of it but right now I'm in shock.

So a listening ear, hugs, chocolate and WINE are just want the Doctor ordered!

Thank you so very much my friend!

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Oh hope!! I'm so sorry you are going through this! We had some trouble with our pipes earlier in the year and it was miserable. Hope you get thru it!

Kate Fineske said...

I'm hanging in there with ya! Good luck!!!! :(

Anonymous said...

DId you cuss? If not, and it's because you can't, let me know and I will cuss for you.

That SUCKS. Best of luck.

Amanda said...

OMG, Hopes, that really, really blows. Hugs and positive vibes for speedy construction and smooth mornings comin' at ya!

Mirjam said...

That's all I have to say..hang in there!

Jamie said...

Total nightmare!!! This too shall pass though... we'll be here when you get back!!

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry! Just take care of your family and yourself and we'll still be here!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


Thanks so much. It has been a horrible experience so far. The good news is that the contaminated "stuff" is out of the house and we are working on getting it dried now. The rebuild is going to take some time.

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


Thank you so much!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


Oh yes. I can say without a doubt that there was a whole lot of cussing going on!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


It has been quite the nightmare! But at least nobobdy got hurt. That's what I'm hanging on to!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


Thanks! I know we will get through this. It's just going to be a long haul.

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...


Thanks so much!